Want training in your School, college or University?


If you are looking to help your students to build robots, to learn advanced technology then we at RoboDragon are happy to support you in this. Through our innovative project-based courses, it will be very easy for your students to learn advanced technology and build robots at college.


1. Request us: We will contact you to understand your requirements. We surely help you in selecting the right course for your college.

2. Training, Seminar & workshop:  We will provide your students all the resources from hardware kits to course content to complete the Training, Workshop or Seminar.

3. Continue robotics activities and Learning: Students will have the freedom to do the robotics courses from RoboDragon (with attractive discounts) anytime they want from your college with minimum disturbance to their academics. After project completion your students will also have an opportunity to participate in the national and international level competitions organized by different colleges every semester.

4. Learn Today, Earn Today: Students from your Institute can earn money when they learn.

5. Get benefited: Even after successful completion of any courses from RoboDragon, your students get help regarding any project anytime they want. Just drop a mail to us.

“We need to embrace technology to make learning more engaging. Because when students are engaged and they are interested, that's where learning takes place.”