About this course

Proteus combines ease of use with powerful features to help you design, test, and layout professional PCBs like never before. With nearly 800 microcontroller variants ready for simulation straight from the schematic, one of the most intuitive professional PCB layout packages on the market, and a world-class shape-based autoroute included as standard, Proteus Design Suite 8 delivers the complete software package for today and tomorrow's engineers. For academics and the maker market, Proteus Visual Designer allows Arduino programs to be written with simple flowcharting methods and Arduino shields to be placed on the schematic with a mouse click. The entire Arduino system can then be simulated, tested, and debugged in software. 

ISIS is the software used to draw schematics and simulate the circuits in real-time. The simulation allows user interface during run time, thus providing real-time simulation. ISIS has a wide range of components in its library. It has several DC & AC sources, signal generators, measurement and analysis tools like oscilloscope, voltmeter, ammeter, multimeter, etc., probes for real-time monitoring of the parameters of the circuit,  switches, displays, several IC, ADC, DAC, loads like motors and lamps, discrete components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, Encoder, Decoder, digital and analog Integrated circuits, semi-conductor switches, relays, microcontrollers, processors, sensors, etc.

Ideal For

  • Diploma / Degree holders in Engineering (any stream)

  • Bachelor's Degree holders in any stream

  • Students with exposure to the automobile industry

  • Professionals working in the automobile / IT industry    

What you will learn

Module: Course Structure Arduino - Proteus

                     Basic electronics concept

                   Different rules

                   The need of Circuit Designing

                   Introduction to Basic Components like Resistor, Capacitor, etc.

                   How to select components

                   Circuit Designing Technique

                   Introduction to Proteus

                   Components Libraries

                   Add different Libraries

                   Components Properties

                   Interfacing for circuitry

                   Beginning a New Schematic

                   Placing Items in the Schematic

                   Placing Symbols and Ports

                   Labeling components

                   Properties of components

                   Editing the Schematic

                   Different Input-Output devices

                   Working with Sheets and Ports

                   Checking the Schematic for Errors

                   Add Arduino in Proteus

                   Connecting Components with Arduino

                   Add Input devices with Arduino in Proteus

                   Connect Output devices with Arduino in Proteus

                   Different Arduino Project with Proteus


Length:             2 Weeks

Level:               Advanced

Course Type:     Offline

Language:         English

Price:                Rs. 4000

Certification:     PDF & Printed

Technology:      Embedded Systems
Contact Us:       tech@logiczapedu.org



With aVerified Certificate highlight your knowledge and skills as Circuit Designer

Receive a professional certificate  to verify your achievement and increase your job prospect

Scope of learning

  • In-depth Theory discussion

  • In-depth discussion on basics

  • Practical demonstration of all module

  • One to one doubt clearing sessions

  • Discussion on industrial scenario and demand at the International level

  • Module wise activities & demonstrations

  • Expert trainers with several years of Industrial experience

  • Get support in writing a research paper

  • Get support on published research papers

  • Get support on carrying out research activity on selected ideas

  • Get support on PATENTS Filling on selected ideas

  • Get support on Placement

  • Selected candidates will get Internship opportunities

Arduino with Proteus